Judith Provencher, CPCU

Senior Vice President, Claims

As Senior Vice President of Claims, Judith is focused on the delivery of excellent service to our customers and maintaining the promise that when you need us, we will rapidly respond to get things back in order after an accident or event that we insure.

Judith’s journey to Topa was an interesting trip from a multi-national mega insurance company in Philadelphia, PA,  to the home office of a huge Mutual insurer in Columbus, Ohio, to the tiny Island of Bermuda working in reinsurance to consulting in the Big Apple to warm, sunny Southern California.

When Judith graduated with a degree in Bio Chemistry, insurance claims were not in her plans. In fact, her dream was to work with her hero, Dr. Jane Goodall studying primates in the Tanzanian jungle. She had been lucky enough to meet her hero several times when she lectured at the University in Nairobi, Kenya where Judith was born and raised. But alas, new graduates need jobs, so when she saw an ad for an insurance adjuster that offered a company car, she jumped at the opportunity. It turned out to be the perfect career choice. More than 30 years and many fascinating opportunities later, Judith considers herself an insurance claims professional, and is proud to be here.

Favorite Travel Destination: Malta – a tiny jewel in the Mediterranean, with thousands of years of history.

You probably didn't know... Judith spoke Swahili as a child, once spent an entire night by myself in the East African bush and toured Tuscany.

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