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Topa Insurance Company claims are now handled by Hines Peak Claims Adjusters. The experienced staff at Hines Peak is committed to providing efficient, fair, quality claims service that will exceed the expectations of our valued policyholders.

Important Claims Reporting Notice:

If you or another Topa Insured:

Act immediately and do the following:

Call and speak to a Topa Claims Manager if you have any concerns or questions

Your quick response in identifying and reporting claims promptly will assist our staff in meeting their commitment to you and can positively impact the final results. Please review your policy and become familiar with the protection it provides. For questions regarding coverage, please contact your retail agent through whom you acquired your policy.

Report a claim

In an effort to expedite the processing of your claim, please email claims@topa-ins.com with the following:

Send all written communications to the following:

Report Fraud

Topa Insurance Company is committed to providing quality insurance products along with outstanding service at reasonable prices. Insurance Fraud increases costs for everyone and, in some cases, can put you, your family and friends at risk. As part of our commitment to combating fraud, we maintain an active Special Investigation Unit (SIU) and support the National Insurance Crime Bureau (NICB) .

We encourage you to join us in this anti-fraud effort by reporting any suspicious, counterfeit, or inflated claims. This can be done anonymously simply by calling 1-800-TEL-NICB (1-800-835-6422) or by reporting online at